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Presenting from the Laurel FFA Chapter, Vice President Hannah Adams

Hello, I am Hannah Adams, and I have been an active member in the Laurel FFA Chapter over the past four years. Just recently I was elected to serve the members of Laurel FFA as Vice President. As of lately my main focus within the chapter has been on our FFA Greenhouse. Whether it be countless hours volunteering to prepare plants for upcoming sales and purchase, creating social media advertisements, or experimenting with our aquaponics system there is always something I am able to contribute towards in the chapter. However, the greenhouse has not been my only focus in FFA, I have also competed in multiple career and leadership development events. Such events include creed speaking, star greenhand, livestock evaluation, and extemporaneous speaking. Although I enjoy each of these events I have found to have the most success in extemp speaking. For the past two years I have been the Southern District extemporaneous speaking champion and the Montana Ag Exposition champion as well. Through this competition I am able to advocate for agriculture and expand my knowledge on real world problems facing the agriculture industry today.

Going forward I will represent the Laurel FFA Chapter at the Montana FFA State Convention, as well as receive my State FFA Degree. In order to receive such a prestigious award I must have current and sufficient records of my SAE project, as well as demonstrate true passion and leadership within the FFA. My SAE project, over the course of four years, has consisted of breeding beef, and my involvement within the Angus breed. For nearly five years I have raised and shown registered black Angus cattle in which I show at jackpots, stockshows, and expositions across Montana. I have turned my love for the Angus breed into a successful SAE project. Not only does showing heifers allow me the opportunity to grow my own herd but has also granted me leadership opportunities I would have otherwise never encountered. I represent the Montana Junior Angus Association as an active member, junior director, and Montana Junior Angus Queen. I have also had the privilege of being a Northern International Livestock (NILE) Youth Member, and NILE Merit Heifer recipient. Thanks to my SAE breeding beef project I was able to attend the National Junior Angus LEAD Conference in Billings, Montana as well. It is because of my involvement and commitment to FFA that has earned me opportunities of a lifetime, specifically my attendance of the 94th National FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana. This experience opened my eyes to all of the possibilities made possible through the FFA Organization, and it is here that I realized I want to exert an influence in the Laurel community and chapter.. If it were not for FFA I would have never earned the opportunity to participate in events such as the LEAD Conference, National Convention, and so many more. I want to thank the FFA Organization for the impact it has had on me, and I would also like to thank Western Ranch Supply for your recognition of outstanding leaders in the community.

Presenting Shepherd FFA 

Shepherd FFA firmly believes that community service is a vital part of our chapter because it is incredibly important to help build up and pay back the community that has raised us.  FFA week is a time where we as a chapter encourage others to give back to the community in forms of service, however these acts of service can be done anytime of the year.  Throughout the years we have been given the amazing opportunity to support and better our community.

This past year our chapter had 8 members travel to the National FFA Convention, and during that week they built boxes to place around Indianapolis.  Nonperishable foods such as canned goods were put in the boxes.  This allowed people who were in need of food to grab something out of the box.  Along with that people who were able to donate food could do so by adding more food to the box.

Over the last couple of years our chapter has run a food drive.  In our community there is a big need for food, so we assigned each member a certain item to pick up and donate.  This activity has always been a big success in Shepherd and we hope to continue it later down the road. Another community service activity that our chapter participated in this year was the 2021 NILE.  Local schools send their 4th grade students to learn about agriculture.  Our chapter was able to send a few students to help in assisting this program dedicated to increasing the knowledge of the younger generation.

When Shepherd Schools first opened up last year after the COVID-19 closure, the water fountains were shut down.  In order to help those students who either could not afford water bottles or had just forgotten them that day, our chapter decided to donate several cases of water to the school.  We gave these to the office and anyone could stop by and ask for one if they needed it.

National FFA week allows us to reflect and appreciate on the service projects our chapter has participated in.  Part of the FFA motto is “Living to Serve” and our chapter has brought this to life through our service projects. 

Presenting Lockwood FFA 

Lockwood FFA is a brand new chapter this year and we will charter at the State FFA Convention in March. We elected eight officers who have planned out our year and are working hard to build lasting relationships with our community. With 90 students in the Agriculture Education classes daily, we have been working sporting event concessions, competing at districts,participating in sales and livestock at NILE, and attending community events; like presenting the flags at the Montana Farm Bureau State Convention and serving at the donor dinner for Chase Hawks Memorial Association Rodeo. Our chapter participated in District Leadership School in September with 37 students from Lockwood Junior/High School. Our chapter officers attended John Deere Ag Expo in November and competed in ag sales, mechanics, vet science, livestock judging, and leadership workshops. We started the new year with a state officer visit, attended the Billings Chamber of Commerce Ag Appreciation Dinner, and sponsored a presentation of #buckleupblue4lauryn for our high school student body.

For FFA week, Lockwood FFA will be competing in creed speaking, livestock judging, and farm business management at Southeastern Districts in Shepherd. We will meet with and listen to a National FFA Officer, read agricultural accurate books to Lockwood Elementary, and have teacher appreciation day.  We qualified to represent Lockwood at the State FFA Convention in the career development event, ag sales. Lockwood FFA is building foundations that will leave a legacy in the community.