CLIPPER SHOPPING TIPS Sometimes a new and improved clipper is all you need to calm your animal and get the job done right. When choosing clippers, first consider the workload they'll be handling. For small trims and touch-ups on one animal, a less powerful compact unit may serve you well. For larger jobs on more animals, you'll need a more powerful machine. For nervous animals, try a quiet running machine that gives a faster clip. Always err on the side of power and performance. Heavier duty clippers work faster, stay cooler, and last longer -- ultimately giving you the most bang for your buck. Save yourself the frustration of burning out small clippers on big jobs. MAINTAIN THE LIFE AND EFFECTIVENESS OF YOUR CLIPPERS Always start with a clean animal and clean as you go. If you're working on a big job, use a coolant. Protect the cord, maintain the blades and use proper storage.
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Call for Availability

CLIPPER REPAIR & BLADE SHARPENING $15.00/pair or $7.50/each Clipper Blade Sharpening Please allow 1-2 weeks turn around on all sharpened blades. Clippers will be fixed here if minor, otherwise they will be sent into manufacturer to be repaired.

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