Manufacturer/Label Information

Safety Data Sheet

1) Best defense against BVDV Type 1b

  • EXPRESS FP is the only fetal-protection vaccine specifically labeled to protect against bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) Type 1b, the most prevalent strain of BVDV.1

2) Prevents PI calves

  • BVDV Type 1b is a strain of BVDV in persistently infected (PI) calves, making vaccination crucial.
  • EXPRESS FP has been successfully tested for its ability to prevent BVDV persistent infection in the offspring of vaccinated cattle.

3) Proven protection

  • EXPRESS FP has results on its side, and so will you:
  • The vaccine has consistently held up against severe BVDV challenges, resulting in 96% (Type 1) and 97% (Type 2) protection, including challenges one year post vaccination.3
  • Due to the results of the comprehensive data package, and the level of protection demonstrated by EXPRESS FP, USDA APHIS has granted a “prevention of persistently infected calves caused by BVDV Types 1, including Type 1b, and 2” label claim for EXPRESS FP vaccines, with at least 365 days’ duration of immunity.3

4) Increased immunity

  • EXPRESS FP gives your cows and calves increased immunity against the diseases that pose the greatest risk to cattle operations.
  • EXPRESS FP offers:
    • Twelve-month duration of immunity against IBR abortions, PI calves and disease caused by BVDV Types 1 and 2 (including Type 1b)
    • Protection against Leptospira hardjo-bovis; vaccinated animals exposed to the pathogen have been shown to clear renal infections within eight weeks of exposure.
    • Convenience and flexibility in vaccination timing.
    • The protection and durability of a modified-live virus vaccine.

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