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For dairy calves up to 20 months of age, DRAXXIN is the only anti-infective approved for the treatment of BRD caused by all four major pathogens, including Mycoplasma bovis, and pink eye. It also lends itself to greater efficiency options with its label claim for the treatment of foot rot.

The Single Dose Convenience You Want

  • Convenient, low dose volume (1 mL/40 kg, or 1.1 mL/100 lb, 100 mg of tulathromycin/mL) and easily syringeable.
  • Single dose SC (under the skin) injection in the neck of cattle.
  • Packaged in 100, 250 and 500 mL glass vials.
  • Ready-to-use, clear aqueous solution.
  • Highly syringeable.

Safety Data Sheet

Manufacturer/Label Information

This Item Requires a Veterinarian’s Prescription. Three convenient ways to do this are:

  1. Have your veterinarian contact us by phone at 406-252-6692
  2. You can mail us the original written prescription from your veterinarian
  3. We can contact your veterinarian for prescription authorization