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Udder Mud is Organic + Officially OMRI listed

Our concentrated formula includes mint, tea tree oil, and menthol – three ingredients that can help soothe udders, hocks, and joints.  We keep our naturally soothing formula as simple as possible.  The result isn’t pretty, but it is effective.  Our unique bentonite clay base draws out heat, helps with swelling, and increases circulation.  Udder Mud is loved by cows, sheep, goats, and more.  Use Udder mud to soothe any livestock’s cuts, bumps, and bruises.

About this product


Most udder care products available are lotions, but Udder Mud is a bentonite clay based rub. The bentonite clay used in Udder mud is nature’s perfect balance to nourish udders. Udder Mud’s concentrated formula also includes mint, tea tree and menthol oil to help udders maintain a normal function.

Redmond Udder Mud buckets and tubes cost less than the leading brand of udder care, so your wallet will love it as much as your animals do.

How to Use:

Udder Mud is not a lotion,  so you’ll want to smear a generous amount of the clay on the affected area and let it set.  Most customers suggest leaving a ¼ inch layer on the udder.

When to Use:

Udder Mud may help with any of the typical issues affecting udders—mastitis, E-coli, injuries, and especially on fresh cows for udder edema and softening the udder tissue.

Is there milk withholding required with the Udder Mud use?

Nope. Milk withholding shouldn’t be required because Redmond does not use any chemicals or drugs in Udder Mud’s ingredient formulation.

Can Udder Mud be used only on the udder?

Udder Mud can be applied to help sores, open wounds, skin irritations, burns, and bites. When applied, the clay in Udder Mud may help to seal the area. A sealed area can help keep flies and bacteria away from the affected area.

How to use Udder Mud for wounds, sores and more:

If possible, rinse any dirt and debris from the area. Then smear a layer Udder Mud on 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick on to the area of concern. Udder Mud will eventually crack and some of the clay will sluff off. This is okay. Don’t worry about leaving a little dry residue, simply reapply more Udder Mud over the top.

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16 OZ, 1 GAL

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