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14 ga. Galvaneal Tubing, 18 ga. Galvaneal Sheeting, Approx. 330lbs

The Bextra Bale Feeder demonstrates hay savings of up to 70% over conventional feeders.  Cattle eat from the bottom of the feeder in their natural grazing position.  Indented uprights balance the bale in the middle for minimal waste.  Great for adult and young cattle.

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Convenience – It is extremely useful for cows, bulls, weaned calves, back grounding, and large stock or feeding operations.

Durability – Heavy carbon steel construction and designed engineered for long-term use.  Weighs 300 pounds, with a powder coat finish.  Includes coped weld joints, fabricated connections, and heavy gauge sheeting.

Efficiency – Significantly reduce the amounts of labor, fuel, and equipment associated with daily feeding.  Each feeding will last multiple days, with minimal waste.

Effectiveness – Cattle consume feed matter as needed or as desired, improving animal behavior and performance.  Significant reduction of waste material removal cost.  Economical – Very comparable pricing to other “high quality” conventional bale feeders, and significantly less than other hay saving feeders, wagons and processing equipment.


There has been extensive research conducted to back the Bextra.  At Oklahoma State University, Dr. Lalman and associates found that Bextra reduced hay waste by up to 58%, 70%, and 75%, as compared to conventional skirted, open bottom, or poly feeders.  In other research conducted at Michigan State University, studies found that traditional bale rings, trailers, or cradles yielded extensive hay waste at 14.6%, and just 3.5% waste with the Bextra.  Researchers at Michigan State University also concluded that there were significantly less agnostic interactions amongst cattle, or head butting and displacement, while using the Bextra.

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Weight 235.00 lbs

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