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Carve Up+


RP Winning Technologies is proud to unveil Carve Up+ a metabolic fat burner for show pigs that improves the overall freshness and shape of the animal and reduces fat content in the neck and jowl area.

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About this product

RP Winning Technologies is proud to unveil Carve Up+

“In an age where it seems jowl burners are essential to your show ring success, CARVE UP+ sets the standard! It is one of very few products on the market that includes BOTH Chromium and L-Carnitine!

In recent years, many pig feeders have looked to using tomato juice to aid in the “peeling off” of neck fat — this has come with limited success and also brings on potential gastric upset from the acidic nature of the tomato juice. With Carve Up +, there is no tomato juice needed — Carve Up + already supplies the L-Carnitine that the tomato juice encourages the pig’s body to produce. The ingredient L-Carnitine also has been shown to aid in increased stamina and reduction in muscle fatigue.

Not only does Carve Up + aid in jowl and fat reduction, but the added chromium also contributes greatly towards lean gain and muscle development. For those who have used CARVE UP in the past, CARVE UP + is essentially the more aggressive version. It will help bring on added muscle shape and freshness and works along with your show feed to build muscle . In today’s age where paylean products are either banned at some shows, or simply impossible to find, we believe CARVE UP + is an absolute must!

When CARVE UP + is paired with ON TARGET and a high quality show feed, the results can get really fun!

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  • Feed 1 scoop twice per day along with your show pig’s daily ration.
  • Carve Up can be increased as needed to achieve desired visual effect
  • We recommend starting RP Carve Up 3-4 weeks prior to the targeted show.
  • The enclosed scoop holds approximately 1 oz of Carve Up+

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