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PF Wonder Salve is available in two sizes and comes with a wooden stirrer, applicator brush, and directions. The salve is highly concentrated. A little salve goes a long way. The 2-oz. size jar is ideal for small to medium sized wounds. For large wounds or multiple horse environment, we recommend the 6-oz. size tub. PF Wonder Wash is highly effective in preparing and cleaning the area prior to applying PF Wonder Salve. The pH level of PF Wonder Wash is balanced and creates an ideal environment for healing.

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PF Wonder Salve eliminates and prevents proud flesh without damaging healthy tissue. For cuts, sores, lacerations, wire cuts, mud fever, saddle sores, burns, rashes and fungal infections. Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and non-caustic. Painless and odorless, safe and effective. Relieves pain and inflammation on contact. Works bandaged or un-bandaged. Horses feel immediate relief and tolerate application well. Horses love it and so will you. Veterinarian tested; veterinarian approved. PF Wonder Salve is for use on horses and other livestock.

PF Wonder Salve benefits:

  • First aid for proud flesh, saddle sores, wounds, mud fever, cracked heels, scratches, scrapes, wire cuts & more
  • Guards against bacterial, viral and fungal conditions commonly found in stable environment
  • Dissolves equine excessive tissue granulation a.k.a. proud flesh when present
  • Heals infected and superficial wounds in horses
  • For cuts and sores with, or without proud flesh
  • Prevents creation of proud flesh from the start
  • Provides protective coating
  • Provides soothing relief
  • Repels flies

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