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Power Punch™ is carefully formulated to help support normal energy levels, appetite and digestion in cattle. Provide to animals when birthing, weaning, vaccinating, handling, weather changes, shipping or post antibiotic treatment. Provide to calves, in milk replacer, during times of low energy or sickness. Also suggested for sheep and goats.

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FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Shake or mix well before using. Provide orally using a drench gun. Hold the head of the animal in a slightly elevated position and carefully place nozzle into back of the mouth between the cheek and teeth. Provide recommended feeding. Do not give to animals that are unable to swallow. You may also top dress or add to water, milk, or milk replacer, if desired.


Provide one ounce per 100 pounds of body weight up to a maximum of 6 ounces per serving. Provide no more than three servings per day.

CAUTION: Keep out of the reach of children. Not for human use.

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