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ProCrypt – Supports the Health of Cattle

One of the most difficult challenges in livestock husbandry today is keeping animals healthy from the inside. Foreign pathogens are present everywhere and are extremely costly to your bottom line.


Procrypt has selective binding properties that have been proven effective against major known pathogens and can be used in all livestock species and is safe for the environment.

-Pathogen-load reduction with multiple modes of action impacting pathogen development for Cocci, Crypto, Corona, Roto, -Salmonella, Clostridia, E. Coli

-Promotes liver health –reduces toxin load, improves liver function, reduces liver abscesses

-Protects the gut and aids in prevention of leaky gut and prevents toxin absorption in small intestine

-Higher IgG’s in colostrum, improved milk production and lower SCC

-Use at rate of 4.5 lbs./50# of mineral

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