For show calves, show goats and show lambs being fitted for show
  • Formulated to provide roughage ingredients, such as beet pulp, to create a “full look” and enhance expression
  • Designed to be used for holding situations when the show ruminant’s “full look” and “capacity” needs to be maintained on restricted intake of complete show feed or complete gain mix
  • 8.5% protein, 1% fat and no more than 25.5% fiber
  • Ammonium chloride to help lessen the likelihood of urinary calculi in male goats and sheep
  • Feeding rates:
    • Show calves (above 500 lb): 2-5 lb daily
    • Show lambs and show goats (above 70 lb): 0.5-2 lb daily
  • Mini-pellet; 50-lb bag

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