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This is the only automatic gate lock that will work with any GHOST CONTROLS® gate opener system.

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The GHOST CONTROLS® ZombieLock® provides your property with the latest in automatic gate lock technology, including advanced feedback communication to your GHOST CONTROLS® automatic gate controller using ZombieCode®.

ZombieCode® to control the lock is inherent in all GHOST CONTROLS openers. This ensures that your GHOST CONTROLS® automatic gate operator will not activate until the ZombieLock® is in the fully unlocked position. When the gate controller receives a signal to open the gate, it looks for the lock to be in the open position prior to moving the gate. Our patented design keeps the operator from applying force against your gate before the ZombieLock is in the fully unlocked position. This unique feedback prevents damage to the gear motor assembly or your gate.

Our patented state-of-the-art, newly designed catch mechanism allows for more consistent latching and unlatching of your gate ensuring a good fit each time you close your gate (allowing for a variety of designs, installation gaps, and climate situations). This design ensures superior reliability to ensure proper latching when used in livestock and other agricultural solutions. Knowing that your your gate remains latched will also be beneficial to those in high wind areas where soil conditions cause minor shifting of posts.

The GHOST CONTROLS® ZombieLock® housing is made of powder-coated aluminum to reduce corrosion concerns and reduce the overall weight on the leading edge of the gate. Many of the automatic gate locks on the market are made of steel which increases the weight on the leading edge of the gate and may cause some gates to sag over time and create alignment or wear issues.

The included power/control cable is designed to allow the ZombieLock® to be mounted on any gate up to 20 feet in length. The AXTB Universal Tube Bracket Kit (sold separately) is also designed to allow the ZombieLock® to be installed on almost any commercially available tube gate.

Ghost Controls ZombieLock Automatic Gate Latch Manual

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